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OSX Setup Checklist

07 Oct 2015

  1. Update to the latest version of OSX through the App Store
  2. Open Preferences > Trackpad and adjust the settings to personal taste
  3. Right click empty space on the dock and enable Dock Hiding
  4. Install applications via the App Store:
  5. Launch Xcode once to agree to the EULA
  6. Install Homebrew
  7. Install tools via Homebrew:
    • vim
    • git
    • git-annex
    • cmake (dependency for YouCompleteMe)
  8. Install applications:
  9. Download the base16 colorscheme for iTerm2 from GitHub
  10. Download Powerline fonts from GitHub and install them with the included install script
  11. Configure iTerm2:
    • Import the base16 colorschemes and set the default profile colorscheme to monokai-dark
    • Set the default profile fonts to Inconsolata for Powerline
    • Set the show/hide system hotkey to alt+backtick
  12. Configure Alfred:
    • Set the Alfred hotkey to alt+d
    • Set the appearance to Yosemite Dark
  13. Configure vim:
    • Download my customized vimrc and copy it to ~/.vimrc
    • Install Vundle
    • Install vim plugins with vim +PluginInstall
    • Install YouCompleteMe with cd ~/.vim/bundle/YouCompleteMe; ./install.py
  14. Install a VPN client and establish connectivity. Tunnelblick and VikingVPN for personal devices, whatever the company uses for work devices.