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How to Connect to University of Utah UConnect Wifi with Arch Linux and netctl

09 Jan 2015

Here’s a netctl profile to connect to the University of Utah’s UConnect wifi network.

Description='University of Utah UConnect'

Replace Interface with your wireless interface (probably some sort of persistent udev name like wlp3s0), identity with your uID and password with the same password you use for CIS, UMail, etc.

Note that UConnect uses MSCHAPv2 authentication, which is not considered secure. I highly encourage using a private or commercial VPN service while using UConnect- you could manage your own VPN server running in the cloud, or use one of the commercial services cataloged by TorrentFreak (2014 edition here, 2015 update coming soon).

Thanks to the Virginia Tech Linux and Unix Users Group, which has a number of sample configurations on their PEAP-MSCHAP wiki page. I also used information from UIT’s knowledge base article on UConnect.